In 2018, Los Angeles County passed an ordinance that requires commercial and private in-water hull cleaners to use best management practices (BMPs) for all in-water hull cleaning activities in Marina del Rey Harbor. In-water hull cleaning activities have been identified as a leading source of copper pollution in the harbor. Using BMPs during in-water hull cleaning has been shown to dramatically reduce contaminant loading of pollutants such as copper to the water column and sediment from boat hull paints.

Ordinance Highlights

  • BMP Certification is required for all persons performing in-water hull cleaning
  • Hull cleaning resulting in a visible paint plume is prohibited
  • All persons conducting in-water hull cleaning in Marina del Rey Harbor are required to have a Commercial Service ID issued by the Harbor Master
  • Penalties:
    • First 2 violations: Infraction with a fine of up to $250
    • Third violation: Misdemeanor

Read the LA County Hull Cleaning Ordinance.

Hull Cleaning Best Management Practices (BMPs)

The main objective of implementing BMPs is to eliminate pollution generated during in-water hull cleaning operations. Additional benefits of BMPs may include improving vessel performance, reducing fuel consumption and emissions, and extending the life of bottom paints.

BMPs for in-water hull cleaning were initially developed under the Sea Grant Program in 1990 by the California Professional Divers Association (CPDA). The BMPs have since been further developed to specifically address copper impaired waters and several studies have shown that the use of BMPs during in-water hull cleaning reduces copper loading significantly.

Click here for an informational flyer on in-water hull cleaning BMPs.

Click here for more information on the County’s copper pollution reduction programs.

How to Obtain Hull Cleaning BMP Training & Certification

  • Training/Certification: The County developed a free online In-Water Hull Cleaning BMPs Training for Marina del Rey Harbor boat hull cleaners. All divers that perform in-water hull cleaning in Marina del Rey Harbor must complete the training and obtain a burgee (see below) from Beaches and Harbors to show they are BMP-certified and in compliance with Los Angeles County’s Ordinance. Hull cleaners: please email to receive access to the free online training.
  • Burgees: Burgees will be distributed to BMP-certified hull cleaners to display on their boat while in Marina del Rey Harbor. The burgee indicates the diver has completed the Marina del Harbor In-Water Hull Cleaning BMPs Training and is BMP-certified. To obtain a burgee, divers will need to:
    • Complete the online training and receive a certificate of completion.
    • Schedule an appointment with the Beaches and Harbors Boating Section to pick up a burgee by calling (424) 526-7860 or emailing
    • Bring their commercial services ID and proof of BMP certification (on a phone or printed) to the appointment to pick up their burgee.
  • Re-certification: BMP certification is valid for two (2) years from the date of completion. Proof of re-certification is required every 2 years.
Hull Cleaning Training

The Department of Beaches and Harbors, in association with the California Professional Diver’s Association, hosted a free Hull Cleaning BMP training on Saturday, February 2, 2019, at Burton W. Chace Park Community Center. More than 45 divers from Marina del Rey and surrounding areas attended the training and have received a Hull Cleaning BMP training certificate that can be used to comply with the new regulations.

How to Obtain a Commercial Service ID

Commercial Services IDs are required for working in Marina del Rey Harbor. To obtain or update your Commercial Service ID, visit the Harbor Master at the LA County Sheriff’s Department – Marina Station, located at 13851 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey. This service is available every third Tuesday of the month between 7 AM and 10 AM. The following items will be required:

  • Valid photo ID showing physical address (no P.O. Boxes), such as California Identification Card, Driver’s License, or US Passport
  • Diver’s certification card
  • A $10 fee

Commercial Service IDs must be renewed every 2 years. Call (310) 482-6000 with questions or to confirm hours of operation.

BMP Certified Divers in LA County Area

The hull cleaners listed below are certified in accordance with section 19.12.700 of the County Code. The County does not endorse or have any affiliation or contractual relationship with the parties listed.

Commercial Services ID #  Name 
2758  Israel Barron 
2186  Dennis Castaneda 
2752  Geronimo Hernandez 
2764  Matt Hood 
2177  Walter Jimenez 
2754  Dante Jimenez 
2755  Eduardo Juavez 
2197  Filho Leonidas 
2645  Johnny Martinez 
2759  Yi Min 
2173  Johnathan Ramos 
2394  Omar Romero 
2517  Jose Tellez 

If you’re interested in the In-Water Hull Cleaning BMP Training or have any questions, please send an email to

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