Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, all public beach volleyball courts are closed.


1. Court Use

Courts are open to the public. Play is on a first-come, first serve basis. When no other courts are available, only one court may be held with a ten minute time limit for all players to arrive. Putting down a ball or equipment of any kind is not permitted to hold a court. At least one person must be present to hold a court.

Private reservations are acceptable only when arranged through Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors and the appropriate permits are secured and displayed.  Please contact our Permit Section at (424) 526-7880 if you would like to arrange for private reservations.

2. Women’s Courts

Women’s nets are reserved for play in the following order; Women’s games, Reversed coed games, mixed play. If coed/mixed games are in effect, players are asked to yield the court at the conclusion of their game to any women’s players who are waiting (no challenge is necessary).

Men’s or coed teams cannot challenge a women’s team currently on the court unless the women voluntarily accept such a challenge.

3. Men’s Courts

Men’s nets are reserved for play in the following order: Men’s games, Coed games, Women’s games.

If women’s games are in effect, players are asked to yield the court at the conclusion of their game to any male players who are waiting.

However, if coed games are in effect, a men’s team must challenge and win in order to get the court.

Women’s or coed teams may challenge a men’s team currently on the court.

4. Net Adjustment

Players are not allowed to change net heights (e.g. women’s to men’s or men’s to women’s, but may make small adjustments until the net meets the correct heights.

5. Foursomes

Closed foursomes (e.g. two teams not accepting challenges) are allowable only under one of the following conditions; They are concluded before 10 a.m. or when other players request a challenge, whichever is later; or there are no players waiting for a court, regardless of whether vacant courts are available.

Volleyball Net PHOTO
6. Private Practices

Private practices (either team or individual) are allowable only if there are no players waiting for a court.

Coaches or trainers who receive payment for training services are advised that they must secure the appropriate permits from the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors before conducting such sessions or may be liable for civil action.

7. Challenge Courts

After 10 a.m. all courts are designated challenge courts if there are ANY players waiting to play, regardless of court availability. An individual or a team may call challenges. Teams refusing to yield to a challenge are subject to removal.

8. Challenges

A player does not have to have a partner present to call a challenge. A single may call challenge and request services of a member of the losing team as his or her partner. However, challenges must meet acceptable team configurations (see below).

9. Challenge Configuration

Unless otherwise agreed by participating teams, teams playing doubles may only be challenged by other doubles teams (e.g., a doubles team does not have to play against a sixes team unless it agrees to do so). However, a doubles team may challenge any type of team at any time, be it doubles, fours, or sixes.

10. Etiquette

Behavior, including verbal or physical abuse, abuse of nets or poles, excessive profanity, public drunkenness, or actions that interfere with the well-being, safety and enjoyment of other players will not be tolerated. Players exhibiting unacceptable behavior will first be warned and then removed from the courts by a County Lifeguard.

11. Rules of the Game

Rules shall be appropriate to the level of play. Where there are disparate levels of play, rules shall apply to the higher level (e.g. in hand setting). No referees are required. The policy will be to call your own fouls and settle disputes with a replay. CBVA rules are recommended.

12. Portable Nets

Portable nets may be erected on a temporary basis as long as guy wires and anchors are clearly marked and the nets are erected in an area that does not obstruct normal beach traffic, lifeguard emergency access ways or existing volleyball courts. Private portable nets are NOT subject to any of the restrictions listed above, with the exception of Rule #10.

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