The Asset Management Division (AMD) is primarily responsible for the development and leasing of Marina del Rey.  Due in large part to the efforts of AMD, the Department generates approximately $58 million annually for the County.  AMD is divided into three sections: (1) Property Management, which maintains and manages Marina ground leases and Beach concession licenses, and administers right of entry permits; (2) Leasehold Development, which is responsible for negotiating new Marina ground leases and lease extensions; and (3) Portfolio Management, which is responsible for devising and implementing strategies to add value to County’s Marina assets.  The Division is staffed by professional County employees with various backgrounds including business, real estate, and the law.




The Planning Division’s responsibilities cover a wide range of projects, issues and activities relating to Marina del Rey and most of the Los Angeles County coastline.  These include, but are not limited to, overseeing and administering the Local Coastal Program and Land Use Plan for Marina del Rey; monitoring and maintaining the seawall; acting as a liaison between the Department and the Design Control Board for any new design development or existing design modifications within unincorporated Marina del Rey; reviewing and approving temporary signs, banners and tents; mitigating transportation issues in Marina del Rey and along seven of the County-operated beaches; addressing environmental concerns; and planning and monitoring capital projects, which improve infrastructure.


The Administrative Services Division provides administrative support for the Department’s ongoing operations.  It is responsible for formulating, implementing and enforcing the Department’s administrative policies, as well as ensuring that the Department is in compliance with all policies and procedures of the Board of Supervisors, Chief Executive Office, Department of Auditor-Controller, Chief Information Office, and Department of Human Resources.


The Administrative Services Division consists of four sections:
Financial Services (Accounting, Budget, Purchasing/Materials Management and Warehouse)

Human Resources (Recruitment, Employee Relations, Performance Management, Investigations, Return-to-Work, Safety, Training/Staff Development)

Revenue and Systems (Contracts, Grants, Audits)

Information Technology (Application Development, Network Administration, Customer Support, Telecommunications)



The Community and Marketing Services Division is responsible for offering an array of community programs, services, and facilities to Los Angeles County residents and visitors in Marina del Rey and on the Los Angeles County beaches. Comprised of five sections (Marketing & Promotions, Boating, Permits, Recreational Services, and the W.A.T.E.R. Youth Program), its core responsibilities include: marketing and branding for the Department; supporting visitor services, as well as managing guest boat docks, long-term slips, and water vessel storage rentals, in Marina del Rey; processing film and special event permits; producing and promoting recreational and community programming; operating facilities such as the waterfront Burton Chace Park in Marina del Rey, and the oceanfront Dockweiler RV Park and Dockweiler Youth Center; and offering ocean-related and safety activities to youths through a Sailing Camp and Ocean Safety Day.


The Operational Services Division (OSD) provides many services for the general public on the 20 Los Angeles County-owned and/or maintained beaches, and the public land and waterways of Marina del Rey.  Comprised of the Crafts and Equipment Services Section; Marina Operations; Northern, Central, and Southern Districts; and the Enforcement Section, OSD is responsible for the maintenance, landscaping, tree trimming, parking and code enforcement, and emergency preparedness in Marina del Rey and on the beaches.


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