Copper Pollution Reduction Programs

Boat Lifts

The County is investigating the effectiveness of boat lifts as an alternative to copper leaching antifouling paints. As part of this study, the County plans to implement a number of boat lifts at Anchorage 47.

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Hull Paint Conversion

The Department of Beaches and Harbors is implementing a pilot hull paint conversion program to help promote the effectiveness and use of non-biocide hull paints.  As part of the pilot program, the Department is painting County-owned boats with non-biocide hull paints to study the costs, maintenance requirements, longevity and overall effectiveness of non-biocide hull paints. Additional details about the program will be released as they become available.

All interested Marina del Rey Harbor boat owners should fill out the boater hull paint survey in order to be added to the copper reduction program interest list.  Click here to access the BOATER HULL PAINT SURVEY.

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