Copper Pollution Reduction Programs

Boat Lift Program

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The Department of Beaches and Harbors is being awarded a $400,000 grant from the State Water Resources Control Board 319(h) Non-Point Source Grant Program to reduce copper pollution in the Marina del Rey Harbor by subsidizing the cost of boat lifts in the harbor. There will be two phases to the program:

  • During Phase 1, the County will purchase boat lifts for use by qualifying, interested Anchorage 47 slip tenants.
  • During Phase 2, lessees will have access to grant funds to help purchase boat lifts to be used by slip tenants who qualify.

Because the grant funds will only help subsidize the cost of approximately 200 lifts, interested boaters should act quickly to be added to the list of potential program participants.

To qualify for a boat lift, you must meet the following three criteria:

  1. The boat must currently reside in the Marina del Rey Harbor.
  2. The boat must currently have copper paint on the hull.
  3. The boat needs to remain in Marina del Rey Harbor for three years after the boat lift is installed. If the boater decides to leave Marina del Rey Harbor, the funding provided by the grant must be returned to the State unless another qualifying boat replaces the boat previously using the boat lift.

Boaters who are interested in using a boat lift should contact the County to get more information about qualifications and options.

Hull Paint Conversion

The Department of Beaches and Harbors is implementing a pilot hull paint conversion program to help promote the effectiveness and use of non-biocide hull paints.  As part of the pilot program, the Department is painting County-owned boats with non-biocide hull paints to study the costs, maintenance requirements, longevity and overall effectiveness of non-biocide hull paints. Additional details about the program will be released as they become available.

All interested Marina del Rey Harbor boat owners should fill out the boater hull paint survey in order to be added to the program interest list.  Click here to access the BOATER HULL PAINT SURVEY.

Interest Form

If interested in learning more about either program or the qualifications to participate, you can email the program contact by filling out the fields below.

You may also join our new boater outreach email list, which the Department of Beaches and Harbors will utilize for program updates, new programs, requests for feedback, and other outreach in an effort to have more direct communication with the Marina del Rey boating community.

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