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DBH Vision, Mission, and Values


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Our Vision:

To be a responsible and proactive steward of world-renowned public urban beaches and Marina del Rey harbor for the benefit of current and future generations.

Our Mission:

Caring for Your Coast in a sustainable manner by providing clean, safe, and accessible public urban beaches and Marina del Rey harbor while promoting quality of life, economic vitality, boating, and other recreational opportunities.

Our Values:

DBH has identified five values that not only reflect the County values, but also speak specifically to our unique operations and responsibilities in Caring for Your Coast.  These values include Collaboration, Open to Possibilities, Action-orientated, Sustainability, and Transparency.  These values align with our Strategic Plan Goals and are demonstrated in how we conduct ourselves both internally within the DBH and externally towards our stakeholders. Our values are: 


Caring for Your…


Collaboration – We believe in cooperation, consensus building, and coordinated teamwork for the benefit of the County’s coastal resources.  We accomplish this through improved internal Department communication within and across divisions and with our external stakeholders.


Open to Possibilities – We embrace innovation and welcome differences of opinion and individual initiative.  We exhibit this value by being responsive to stakeholder needs, encouraging ingenuity, and adopting new technologies to streamline our business operations.


Action-oriented – We believe that action is preferable to inaction.  We uphold a high standard of excellence through prompt and efficient execution of our work, both routine and specialized.


Sustainability – We manage the County’s valuable coastal assets to generate revenue to reinvest for the benefit of the County’s more than 10 million residents, provide safe use and open access for our visitors, and preserve these resources for generations to come.


Transparency – We believe in open, honest communications and operations and take full responsibility for our decisions, behaviors, and actions every day, all day.


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