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Parking Lots managed by Beaches and Harbors


The Department of Beaches and Harbors manages 17 parking lots and one Recreational Vehicle Park at our beach locations in Los Angeles County and 15 in Marina del Rey. Parking fees are used to clean and sanitize the beaches and to ensure that facilities are properly maintained. For parking rate information, or to report a broken machine, please call Modern Parking,  Inc. at 310-821-1081. Overnight parking for Recreational Vehicles is available only at Dockweiler Beach Recreational Vehicle Park.


Overnight parking is permitted only for cars and boat trailers at the Public Boat Launch Ramp, or vehicles only throughout Marina del Rey. A parking receipt must be displayed right-side up on the dashboard for each day that the vehicle is parked in the Launch Ramp parking. All Marina del Rey lots are open 24 hours a day.


Certain California State Parks (not managed by the Department of Beaches and Harbors) allow overnight parking. State passes are not honored at parking lots operated by the County.




Disabled Parking Free parking is available for vehicles displaying a legal disabled placard or license plate on non-holiday weekdays at lots that are either staffed or un-gated.



Marina del Rey Lots

Lot Location Map Click here for Beach Parking Lots



Click on the lot address to see a map of the parking lot.
Marina del Rey #13 4601 Via Marina
Marina del Rey #12 14151 Marquesas
Marina del Rey #11 14101 Panay Way
Marina del Rey #10 4101 Admiralty Way
Marina del Rey #9 14110 Palawan Way
Marina del Rey #8 4220 Admiralty Way
Marina del Rey #7 4350 Admiralty Way
Marina del Rey #5 4545 Admiralty Way
Marina del Rey #4 13500 Mindanao Way
Public Parking Lot 77 13560 Mindanao Way
Boat Launch Ramp 13477 Fiji Way
Fisherman's Village 13723 Fiji Way



Pay and Display Machines at Beach and Marina Parking Lots


Most beach and Marina lots have pay and display parking machines.


Click here for more information regarding our Pay and Display machines.

Click here for information regarding Parking Fees.



Annual Beach Parking Pass Program


Annual beach parking passes are available for purchase through mail-in application or in person at 14110 Palawan Way, Marina del Rey, or at the White Point kiosk when staffed (please call 310-821-1081 for staffing information). When applying by mail, please do not send cash: we accept checks or money orders only.


The Annual Pass ends one year after purchase.


The Annual Pass is valid for use at both the Grand Avenue and White Point/Royal Palms lots, except for weekends and holidays from Memorial Day through Labor Day, before 4:00PM.  The pass is restricted for use at these two lots, and cannot be used at any other beach lot.  The pass is also not transferable from one vehicle to another.  The pass cannot be used for RV's or vehicles over 20 feet.


The cost of the pass is $110.  To obtain a pass, please complete the application and submit it to the address noted below along with a check in the amount of $110 made payable to Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors.

View application for Annual Beach Parking Pass


Modern Parking, Inc.
14110 Palawan Way
Marina del Rey, CA 90292


The parking office will be open daily from 8am - 5pm.


Annual Senior Parking Passes

To obtain a parking pass, you must be at least 62 years of age and a resident of California. 

The Annual Senior Parking Pass costs $25 per pass (checks, cash, or credit card are accepted in-person, and only checks are accepted by mail).

Vehicles over 20 feet are not eligible.

Parking passes are distributed over-the-counter or by mail, when proper documentation is received.  If mailed, it will take approximately two weeks.  The pass can be used at staffed or un-gated parking lots on non-holiday weekdays.  Also, the pass can be used on non-holiday weekends from lot opening until 9 a.m. (with the exception of Grand Avenue, Washington Boulevard, Venice Boulevard, Rose Avenue, Will Rogers 1 and Surfrider parking lots). Please call the Department's parking contractor at (310) 821-1081 for lot staffing hours.


1) Click here to download and print the application instructions, application form, and a list of valid parking lots for the Senior Parking Pass

2) Mail or deliver the completed application form, a copy of your current California driver's license, a copy of your vehicle registration, and your $25 payment to:

     Department of Beaches and Harbors
     ATTN: Senior Parking Passes
     13837 Fiji Way
     Marina del Rey CA 90292

    (Office hours are Monday - Thursday, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.)

NOTE: Check, cash or credit card payments are accepted in-person, and only checks are accepted by mail. DO NOT MAIL CASH.



Parking Citations

The Department of Beaches and Harbors cites for parking violations based on the Los Angeles County code and the California Vehicle Code.

Parking is enforced on all holidays.


Parking Citation Information - How to Pay


Click here to view Parking Citation and Appeal Process Information.



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