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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I have a party on a Los Angeles County Beach or at Burton Chace Park?
  2. Can I bring a barbecue or make a bonfire on a Los Angeles County Beach?
  3. For your safety
  4. Can I contact the Lifeguards?
  5. How much does it cost to launch a boat in Marina del Rey?
  6. Can I film on a Los Angeles County Beach (other than family photos or videos)?
  7. Is there hang gliding along the beach?
  8. Are there any kid-friendly beaches?
  9. Can I bring alcoholic beverages to a Los Angeles County Beach?
  10. No fireworks allowed
  11. Are there any nude beaches in Los Angeles County?
  12. Overnight camping, sleeping or loitering not allowed
  13. Can I bring a dog to a Los Angeles County Beach?
  14. Can I smoke on L.A. County beaches?
  15. No amplified music
  16. Can I ride a motorized vehicle or electric scooter on the bike path?
  17. Can I bring a class to the beach for a field trip?

  18. There is a seal stranded on the beach. Who do I call?
  19. Can I sell food or things on the beach?
  20. Who do I call for storage for my bicycle or hand-launched boat?
  21. What are the surf conditions at the beach?

  22. Can I get married on a Los Angeles County Beach?

  23. Which beaches have beach wheelchairs?
  24. Do you offer any beach programs for kids?

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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